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- The Man Behind the Magic -

The man behind Kevin Luty Magic - With more than 35 years of Vancouver Island party entertainment experience, Kevin performs illusions for groups of any size.

Vancouver Island Party Entertainer Thrills Crowds with Over 35 Years Experience

Kevin Luty has always been interested in manipulative magic. He learned his first magic trick from a cereal box when he was 6 years old. He performed the illusion for an audience at a family gathering and has been a party entertainer ever since.


Performing illusions for groups of any size: The man behind Kevin Luty Magic offers more than 35 years of party entertainment experience on Vancouver Island.

Until he was 12 years old, Kevin’s performances were mostly a hobby of practical jokes (joy buzzers, sneezing powder, etc.). He began to further explore the ‘true’ art when he discovered his first great trick at a novelty shop in Vernon, BC. He interest was becoming an obsession. Kevin purchased more magic tricks, acquired magic sets, studied magic books from the library and derived mentorship through TV magicians and local shopping mall magicians.


With relentless practice, Kevin’s hobby grew to a fine-tuned skill. He mastered more sleight of hand, developed stage presence and achieved the ability to convey the essence of true magic; developing an ability conveying to his audience that magic really might exist.


Kevin’s early shows were unpaid and mostly limited to performing for classmates, family, and at various parties. His first show as a hired magician was a birthday party when Kevin was only 15 years old. He earned $5 for the show and felt guilty accepting the payment because he enjoyed performing as much or more than the audience did.

Undiscouraged by limited venues, Kevin recognized these situations as opportunities to further develop his skill. He worked diligently to improve sightlines and mastering his misdirection until he had confidently altered his audience’s perceptions. For anyone fortunate enough to have seen Kevin perform in those early years, it was clear that he possessed genuine talent. However, it was a fateful conversation that inspired Kevin to strive for the next level.

Performing illusions like his hero, Mandrake the Magician – With over 35 years experience, Vancouver Island party entertainer, Kevin Luty Magic.

A large influence on Kevin was Mandrake the Magician. He learned of his idol through social media of that era – along with other magicians - on TV and at live performances and endeavoured to emulate their various styles of performing. By luck, Kevin contacted Leon Mandrake by phone and solicited advice for his first performance series of shows. Mandrake was kind enough to pass on his wisdom to the young protégé, “Know your material forwards, backwards, upside down, and even blindfolded”, the master said. “And always use a script.” Kevin took the master illusionist’s words to heart and decided then that he would perform professionally.


After speaking with Mandrake the Magician, Kevin’s shows progressed from performing for family and friends and being an ‘occasional’ party entertainer, to winning talent contests and being hired to perform his act on local stages. Kevin had finally found his groove.

Acquiring more contracts, Kevin’s show evolved. No longer emulating Mandrake or his other influences (i.e. Tommy Cooper, Doug Henning, David Copperfield, David Blaine, Paterson & Pandora, etc.), Kevin developed his own stage persona: A character that appears tentative and unsure of his own skills. Performing as if the magical effect is about to fail at any moment, Kevin delights the audience – and wins their hearts – as he miraculously saves the illusion at the last moment.


About performing, Kevin states, “The opportunity to share my gift with others is an honour and a privilege. My goal is to entertain and enrich someone else’s life through this art.”


Just like his first paid gig, Kevin still derives joy from being able to perform. His hope is that everyone in the audience – regardless of their age, background or language – will universally recognise and share that joy.


Party Entertainer Makes Live Magic Happen on Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island party entertainer, Kevin Luty of Kevin Luty Magic offers 35 years of experience and performs illusions for groups of any size.

To truly enjoy and appreciate the masterful skills of Kevin Luty Magic, the ideal environment is to see this one-of-a-kind party entertainer perform is live. Whether you’re hosting a party of friends, entertaining employees at a staff gathering, or conducting a large corporate presentation, one of the best ways to engage your guests is with a live party entertainer. The shows offered by Kevin Luty Magic can be tailored to any sized event and are surprisingly affordable.


Got an event coming up? Contact Kevin Luty Magic and let him know the details. Kevin will work with you to create the perfect show for your guests and help make your event magically memorable.

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